Our Company

We belong to the leading group of companies in the fields of R&D and veterinary drugs.

Since 1965
We are celebrating our 55 years anniversary

„Tradition together with creative presence”

With more than 50 years of tradition and based in a modern setting near Prague, the Company has established itself as an important member of the world market in pharmacological services and biologicals.
The Company has developed and markets the globally used LIVACOX® coccidiosis vaccines, and at the same time it also offers a range of veterinary medicaments and feedstuffs for small domestic animals, livestock and game animals. In addition, the Company offers pharmaceutical services as well as a range of specialised studies and analyses for veterinary and human pharmacy.

Quality Assurance

All the Company’s laboratories are fully certified and conform to the rules and regulations as stipulated by Good Laboratory Practice, Good Manufacture Practice, and Good Clinical Practice (GLP, GMP, and GCP).
With state of the art, modern, equipment the Company is able to develop and produce veterinary medicaments including all the necessary dossiers as per requirements of regulatory bodies both locally and abroad.