History and presence


The origin of the Company dates back to 1965 when the Research Centre for Veterinary Drugs was established. The Company was, and still is, located in the beautiful forest landscape roughly 20 km south of the capital, Prague. In 1973, shortly after its inception, the Research Centre was reorganised and from this was founded the Research Institute for Biofactors and Veterinary Drugs.

Under the management of Prof. Bohumil Ševčík, DVM. DrSc. the Institute became scientifically research orientated with specific focus on research and development in the area of veterinary drugs. During the first 25 years of activities an output of 480 expert reports was achieved and over 170 veterinary drugs were developed or innovated, representing virtually the whole veterinary range manufactured in enterprises of the former trust United Pharmaceutical Works (SPOFA). The series of products designed for the control of reproduction in cattle and pigs, in particular, achieved a remarkable complexity and completeness.

Present Company

Owing to the socio-economic reforms during the 1990s, the Institute underwent various transformation and privatisation processes, in 1993 the joint-stock company BIOPHARM, Research Institute of Biopharmacy and Veterinary Drugs was established.

During the course of the privatisation process the Company likewise underwent a marked diversification in its activities, which contributed to the stabilising of its core economic parameters and the possibility for further development and growth alongside radically changing external factors.
Over the course of the 1990s the development of two types of LIVACOX® vaccines, against coccidiosis in the domestic chicken, was successfully completed. The decision to independently manufacture and market the products led to the assembly of an manufacturing unit (according to Good Manufacturing Practice /GMP/ requirements), a progressively growing distribution network in more than 40 countries worldwide, and ultimately the opportunity for the Company to branch-out into the business sector of commercial production and sales.

The assortment of products gradually increased, incorporating anti-parasitics, feed additives, and special nutritional diets for hoofed-game animals, feed for livestock and lab animals.

The experience gained from the afore-mentioned activities and from past practices of the former Research Centre, have constructed a solid foundation and opportunity for the development of distribution activities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is thanks to the close collaborative work with the international partnerships (FATRO Italy and EMDOKA Belgium, etc.), the Company is able to offer customers an effective service and a wide assortment of animal health products. The Company is undertaking its various distribution activities within the responsible boundaries of Good Distribution Practice (GDP). 

The established orientation and qualification of the Company’s personnel in developmental and experimental conduct in the sphere of veterinary medicine has over the recent years provided for and still provides for above standard outputs. The admission of the Czech Republic into the European Union (EU) has called for the necessity to comply with highly stringent requirements and regulations with regard to document control and presentation for registration processes, just to name a few. The aforementioned personnel have been particularly important in the adaptation process to the EU climate.

The extensive professional commitment, full certification of our facilities with respect to Good Laboratory Practice, Good Clinical Practice, and Good Manufacturing Practice (GLP, GCP, GMP), as well as investment into modern equipment and technology allows the Company to provide continually improving and more complex pharmacological services.
Even under the current difficult economic conditions, the Company can with confidence state that it is continuing with its research activities that involve roughly 16% of the Company’s personnel, and that have secured several scientific successes as well as European patents. 

Current research projects are financially supported both by the Company and by the national grant agencies awards. These projects are orientated particularly in the field of biotechnology with specific focus on coccidiosis in poultry, development of recombinant vaccines and transgenic poultry producing recombinant proteins.

The Company continually strives to improve all its activities locally and internationally, thereby making sure that the complex professional services delivered to its customers are reliable and of a high standard.